Animato is an association which is backed up by the Normal School of Music Alfred Cortot, the Zygmunt Zaleski foundation, La Bienvenue Franšaise, the Orpheus Foundation and Yamaha. It started in January 1993. It counts about four hundred members, not all are musicians but all are fond of music.

The target is to contribute to the development of music in France, supporting young players, especially pianists who have graduated but have not started a career yet. First of all, every Tuesday in the Cortot Room (78 Cardinet street 75017 Paris at 8:30 pm) many young concertists are given the opportunity to play, alternatively with high-level interpretation courses.

Thus, since they are provided with the best conditions (with a concert room and a demanding audience), young musicians are able to grow familiar with being on stage. Even if they are not reached international fame yet, it is obvious they can display some great art and the audience is eager to broaden their knowledge in music.

Obviously people often go to a concert because they have heard of the artists, or because they enjoy the program, however with the "Musical Tuesdays", they are presented with new talents, new pieces, but their performance is always high-ranked.

The entrance and participation are both free, so as to leave everybody the possibility to enjoy it. It is not required to be a member of the association to attend the concerts. After a while, if they attend on a regular basis, people are usually willing to become a member, on the contrary, it is possible to become a member even if you do not attend regularly but want to support the association.

In addition, Animato organizes concerts with very famous players, summer trainings, international meetings, conferences, well the association is very active. If you wish to know more about Animato, please contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.